Sunday, May 31, 2009


It's Roanne here, with some great tennis tips, techniques and the right equipment to get your tennis career rolling.

I use to be the laughing stock of my friends whenever they suggested we have a game of tennis. I could quite easily hit that yellow fluffy ball over the FENCE but when it came to directing it over the net, well, can I just say, "I sucked".

In a matter of weeks I turned my laughing hyenia friend's faces into astonished and amazed looks of "is that the same Roanne?" That felt so great and even now I haven't told them my secret weapon.

I am now armed with what I call "Nadal Weaponery"; a strong topspin forehand, excellent consistant directional power, defensive abilities and above all a mental toughness with confidence.

These secret weapons are nonother than great tennis video tutorials designed for the tennis beginner. Now, these lessions are not for the lazy, or if you just leave then on your computer. You will need to get up and do some work, but believe me, it is simple and fun.

Read on to further your tennis career.
GET READY ......

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